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The NDYA Code

   1.  Every member of the NDYA Program is expected to show good sportmanship and courtesy at all times.  This includes:
         a.  keeping accurate scores;
         b.  using proper language (NO PROFANITY);
         c.  respecting coaches, managers, scorekeepers, and other
         d.  using all lane equipment properly;
         e.  no playing of game machines during league play/ tournaments;
         f.  no use of tobacco products during league play/ tournaments;
         g.  no use of electronic devices (cell phones, MP3 players, headsets, etc.) on the lanes or in the bowlers' area during league play/tournaments; 
         h.  no drinking of alcohol during league play/tournaments; and,
         i.  obeying all rules of the NDYA and NDBC.

   2.  NDYA members are prohibited from bowling, substituting, or pacing in ANY adult money and/or merchandise leagues/ tournaments.  NDYA members found in violation of this rule will be subject to permament suspension from the NDYA on a case-by-case review by the Board of Directors.

   3.  Youth bowlers shall observe the eligibility RULE of their state high school athletic association.

   4.  NDYA members may be awarded merchandise prizes for NDYA sponsored events:
         a.  free games of bowling;
         b.  bowling balls, bags, shoes, and wearing apparel;
         c.  prepaid entry into a bowling event, providing recipient has qualifiied through a previous event (not transferable);
         d.  merchandise such as but not limited to trophies, medals, plaques, gift certificates, movie tickets, CDs, etc., not to exceed a total value of $50 as one prize; and/or,
         e.  scholarships in any amount paid directly to an educational institution.

*** Under no circumstances may an NDYA bowler win cash. ***


   1.  Any member of the NDYA violating the provisions of the NDYA Code as outlined below shall be liable for the penalties indicated, and anyone who is not a member of the NDYA but who has violated the provisions of this code shall be refused membership in the NDYA until NDYA approves their application.  A player suspended from or denied membership in NDYA shall be ineligible to participate in any and all NDYA sanctioned leagues or tournaments to hold any league or NDYA office, or serve as a Junior Coach until reinstated by NDYA.

   2.  Any youth that attempts to gain an unfair advantage by performing one of the following acts will be subject to penalties indicated:

      a)  By directly or indirectly tampering with lanes, bowling pins, and or/balls so they no longer meet NDBC specifications.  Penalty - Suspension of membership up to 6 weeks.

      b)  By misrepresenting an average either to gain a greater handicap or qualify for a lower classification in a sanctioned league or tournament.  Penalty - Suspension of membership up to 6 weeks.

      c)  By establishing an average below their ability and thereby gaining an unfair advantage in handicap or classified competition.  Penalty - Loss of game or games including awards and suspension of membership up to 6 weeks.

      d)  Using an assumed name or bowling under the name of another person scheduled to bowl in a sanctioned league or tournament.  Penalty - Forfeiture of all games in which such a player was used and all involved and found guilty shall be liable for suspension of member for up to 6 weeks.

      e)  When a team knowingly uses a suspended player it shall forfeit all games in which the suspended player was used, and all involved and found guilty shall by liable for suspension of membership for up to 6 weeks.

   3.  Any youth that misuses funds entrusted to them as a league member, shall be suspended from 6 weeks to indefinitely, dependent upon the severity of the offense and the youth's willingness to make proper restitution.

   4.  A Youth Director may declare a member under their supervision ineligible for participation in NDYA-sanctioned competition for a period up to 3 weeks for infraction of NDYA rules, league rules, and/or the NDYA Code.  Youth Directors will seek NDYA Board approval for suspensions in excess of 3 weeks.

   5.  The Youth Director must advise the member in writing of the rule(s) violated, period of ineligibility, and that they are ineligible to participate in all NDYA-sanctioned competition during the period of ineligibility.  A copy of the Youth Director's letter must be given to the proprietor of the bowling center and the NDYA office.  The member or his/her parents or legal guardian may file a written request for a hearing with the NDYA.  When such a request is received, the NDYA shall notify the Youth Director and the member that the suspension shall be held in abeyance until the NDYA has conducted a hearing and rendered a decision.

   6.  A suspended bowler will be eligible for any award won on merit prior to the incident causing the suspension.  Should any bowler qualify for an award after the incident for which suspension is sought, and before a determination has been made, the question of eligibility of the suspended bowler to receive the award will be decided by the NDYA.  A suspended bowler is ineligible to receive a team award won by a team of which they were a member at the time suspension was invoked.

C.  Miscellaneous

   No alcoholic beverages shall be served or consumed in the area where members are engaged in NDYA functions.

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