Nationals & Open Tournament Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is NDYA no longer providing hotel arrangements for the winning State/Regional teams and their coaches?
NDYA income is no longer enough to support all tournament costs and assigning rooms has become more difficult due to special requests and bowler health/safety issues. Based on the success of the North/South Challenge and the Feb Match tournaments, and the trends we've noticed over the years, we believe most parents want more control over where, and with whom, their child stays during Nationals. We end up spending an enormous amount of money on rooms that often go empty when bowlers decide, after arrangements have been made, to stay with their parents or leave after the banquet. We are working with local hotels to identify group rates to keep costs low and will publish them as soon as we are able. For those teams and coaches traveling from out of town or requiring accommodations, we will provide a $50 stipend for each State/Regional team bowler and coach to the hotel to defray some of the hotel cost. We will work closely with the State Directors to ensure all arrangements are made.

Q2. Will NDYA continue to cover any meal costs for the winning State/Regional teams and their coaches?
Yes, winning State/Regional teams and their coaches will be provided full access to the Friday Night Pizza Party and the Saturday Lunch (both at the bowling center), as well as a ticket to the awards dinner. Open tournament bowlers will be offered the opportunity to participate for a modest cost. Additional details forthcoming.

Q3. Will NDYA provide any transportation for the winning State/Regional teams and their coaches?
No, transportation has always been handled by the State/Region. As always, the State Directors will work with coaches and parents relative to transportation.

Q4. Why not have a Pee Wee division at Nationals instead of just allowing them to advance up to the Prep division?
We have received feedback for years relative to allowing Pee Wees to participate in Nationals; unfortunately, the numbers of Pee Wees across our organization does not support the need for an entire Pee Wee division at Nationals. We thought this would be a good compromise.  We can always add a division in coming years of our numbers grow - and we sure hope they do!

Q5. How will the Open Tournament work?  The Open Tournament is open to all current NDYA-sanctioned bowlers with at least 30 games.  There will be multiple shift times available for those interested in bowling singles, doubles, and/or triples.  Singles tournament will be by age division; doubles and triples teams can be mixed or matched (e.g., a prep and a bantam or two juniors, etc.).  Awards will be based on games plus 80% handicap.

Q6. How will the Pro-Am Tournament work?

The Pro-Am will be open to all current NDYA-sanctioned bowlers with at least 30 games as well.  NDYA will work with WNDA and DPBA to identify pros interested in bowling with us.  We had an excellent turnout last year.  We hope to have a pro for every set of lanes.  

Q7. How will the "All Events" category work?
For an additional $5.00, bowlers who compete in the all events (which means: bowl in the singles, doubles, and triples) will have their highest set entered into the "All Events" category.  

Q8.  Will there be opportunities for sponsorships?

Yes, we're hoping to make those opportunities known within the next couple of weeks.

Q9.  Will the Annual NDYA Raffle be held this year?

Yes, the tickets are coming to the centers soon.  We realize it's later than usual, but we're hoping everyone will pitch in and sell the tickets throughout the rest of the 2018-19 season, at the State/Regional Tournaments, and into the summer.  All proceeds will go to our National Championships and Open Tournament.

Q10.  Will additional details be provided regarding the National Championships and Open Tournament?
Yes, our main goal was to get the initial announcement out so everyone knew of the date change, the opportunity for Pee Wees to now advance to the Prep division, and the addition of the Open Tournament.  We have much more exciting information to share and will begin sending updates on a regular basis, through email, the NDYA website, and the 2019 NDYA National Tournament Facebook page.